Situated in a casually sophisticated Florida landscape setting that includes preserved open space, nature trails and a lush tropical setting, maintenance-included and larger individualized home options mean a variety of choices based on individual needs and lifestyle interests. Community areas include a pool, playground & gazebo for parties and special events, which complement the community’s close proximity to neighboring parks, marinas, botanical gardens, schools, shopping & Anna Maria Island.

Reminder: Residents Must Obtain Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Approval For Exterior Modifications
If In Doubt, Submit a Modification Request:

As detailed in the Wisteria Park Residential Community Design Guidelines, page 4:

“ARC approval is required for the construction, restoration, reconstruction or expansion of any improvement on a Lot; for any reasonably visible exterior alteration or modification to an existing improvement on a Lot; for any maintenance or repair of an improvement on a Lot which will result in the application or use of materials of a different type, color or quality than those in use prior to the maintenance or repair; for any landscaping or material change or addition to the landscaping or lawn of any Lot, and for the construction, installation, restoration, reconstruction, enlargement or alteration of any fence, wall, screen enclosure, pool, patio, utility line, solar energy device, decorative structure, outbuilding or other installation, which will alter the appearance of the Lot when viewed from the street or adjacent Lots or in any other instance where permission from the ARC is required.”

ARC approval/review can be obtained by submitting a Modification Request (MOD REQ) which can be found under Homeowners Association-Forms.

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